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Finnish Folk and Traditional Music şarkı sözleri

Şarkı Başlığı, Albüm, Dil
Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Çarş, 24/02/2016 - 23:31

Maybe renaming this entry into 'Finnish Folk' could work better, what do you think?

kattenkatten    Perş, 25/02/2016 - 00:06

Hmm, I did consider that, and I get your point. But it felt wrong because the song I already added isn't folk per se. But anyway, I suggest I could change the name into 'Finnish Folk and Traditional Music'. How would that sound like?

ScieraSciera    Perş, 31/03/2016 - 17:14

I've renamed it so it be easier to find.

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