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I can say I have a wide variety of interests, but the ones I invest most of my time in are (enumerated more or less accordingly):

  • Languages – pretty much everything about them: from the whole learning/studying process, translation, up to examining/analysing their development in time, their impact on human psychology and way of thinking etc.
  • Listening to and discovering music – that's where I earn most of my knowledge about any language. If I don't have any songs to translate in my target language, I eventually abandon learning it.
  • Singing
  • Playing the piano
  • (I can't read any notes though, I can play by ear only)

  • Collecting vinyl records
  • Photography (just for fun) and photo editing
  • Astrology
  • Calligraphy
  • Poetry

 Languages and music have been my passion ever since I was little. I started learning English in kindergarten, and French in high school. I also studied Russian for three years before entering high school (on a rather basic level), and thanks to its similarity with my native Bulgarian, I can understand it to a certain degree, but I can hardly use it correctly if I have to express myself in it. I'm self-taught when it comes to every other language which I've chosen as "studied". Yet, I'm mostly concentrated on Italian, Esperanto, Czech (along with Slovak, occasionally) and Romanian (and more rarely, Japanese and Turkish).

 I'm also quite meticulous when it comes to typography, grammar and punctuation. I respect each language's rules and particularities and try to put them to practice as much as possible.

About the languages I've chosen as being fluent in:

 Please note that I don't consider myself fluent in any language besides my native Bulgarian. Yet, I've chosen English, Italian, French and Esperanto as the ones I feel most confident to both use and work with (with that meaning speaking and translating from and into these languages). As for the languages which I've chosen as "studied", I can understand them to some extent, depending on the language, but I don't use them that frequently as much as the ones I feel most confident with. I use them mostly to translate songs from, rarely into.

Shortcuts for symbols I often use, but don't have on my keyboard:

  • (ellipsis as a single symbol)
  • (arrow pointing to the right) – I use it when I notify translators for the changes I've applied to the source lyrics or when suggesting any improvements)
  • Āā, Ēē, Īī, Ōō, Ūū (Latin vowels with macrons) – for rōmaji transcriptions of titles or lyrics
  • А̀а̀, Ъ̀ъ̀, О̀о̀, У̀у̀, Ѐѐ, Ю̀ю̀, Я̀я̀ (Cyrillic vowels with grave accents) – used for indicating stressed syllables in Bulgarian (not all of them being actually used, just in case)
  • Ǎǎ – for transliterating the letter Ъъ in Bulgarian titles
  • Œœ – for some words in French
  • , İ, Ğğ, Şş – for Turkish
  • Ёё, (em dash) – for Russian

Favourite singers, bands, instrumentalists, composers etc. (sorted by nationality [in alphabetical order] and then more or less by preference):

Ana dil
İngilizce, Esperanto, İtalyanca, Fransızca
Yunanca, Napolice, Almanca, Portekizce, Rumence, Rusça, Slovakça, Svahili, Türkçe, Macarca, Hintçe, Çekçe, Japonca

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Hana HegerováЧерешиvideo Slovakça → BulgarcaSlovakça → Bulgarca
AntibiotikaSpazio freddovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Irina FlorinJe peuxvideo Bulgarca → Fransızca
1 teşekkür aldı
Bulgarca → Fransızca
1 teşekkür aldı
Karel GottВече отварям вратитеvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Karel GottКъде се намираше онази къщаvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Karel GottИмам приказен домvideo Slovakça → BulgarcaSlovakça → Bulgarca
Karel GottВ пет съм твойvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Peter NagyНа моя етажvideo Slovakça → BulgarcaSlovakça → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováЕсента е тукvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
MilvaНе ме е яд на тебvideo İtalyanca → Bulgarcaİtalyanca → Bulgarca
Karel GottОбичал съм и обичамvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Karel GottКой те, бяла брезичке, оголваvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováТа значи се върнаvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Karel GottВълтаваvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováКой знае къде заспиваш и с когоvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováСъобщение за всички гълъбиvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Karel GottСледвай щастиетоvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováБило му по-добреvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováЛястовиче гнездоvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Karel GottЩе остана верен на себе сиvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováОтдавнашни любовиvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováНосът на добрите надеждиvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováПлащам за всеки миг с тебvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováРека от чудесаvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováТи си моята вяраvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováТи си мъртъв сезонvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Tomoko AranСреднощни позьориvideo İngilizce, Japonca → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
İngilizce, Japonca → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Tomoko AranMidnight Pretendersvideo İngilizce, Japonca → İngilizce
1 teşekkür aldı
İngilizce, Japonca → İngilizce
1 teşekkür aldı
EsperantoЛебедvideo Esperanto → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Esperanto → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Tōhoku ShinkansenЛятото те докосваvideo İngilizce, Japonca → Bulgarcaİngilizce, Japonca → Bulgarca
Vladimir SorokaДве спиркиvideo Esperanto → Bulgarca2
1 teşekkür aldı
Esperanto → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
EsperantoЗвездното тяло Юпитерvideo Esperanto → BulgarcaEsperanto → Bulgarca
Vladimir SorokaНощта плачеvideo Esperanto → Bulgarca1
1 teşekkür aldı
Esperanto → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
AnriLa lasta flustro de la somerovideo Japonca → EsperantoJaponca → Esperanto
AnriПоследният шепот на лятотоvideo Japonca → BulgarcaJaponca → Bulgarca
AnriLast Summer Whispervideo Japonca → İngilizce
4 teşekkür aldı
Japonca → İngilizce
4 teşekkür aldı
Hana ZagorováМолитвеникът на любовтаvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Pavol HaberaDum mi havas vinvideo Slovakça → EsperantoSlovakça → Esperanto
Pavol HaberaAmatino, ne veturu per tiu trajnovideo Slovakça → EsperantoSlovakça → Esperanto
Pavol HaberaЛюбов, не пътувай с онзи влакvideo Slovakça → BulgarcaSlovakça → Bulgarca
Pavol HaberaТаксиvideo Slovakça → BulgarcaSlovakça → Bulgarca
Pavol HaberaДокато си с менvideo Slovakça → BulgarcaSlovakça → Bulgarca
Marco MasiniЩе се влюбишvideo İtalyanca → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
İtalyanca → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Hana ZagorováОгънят в душата миvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Petra JanůКазвай миvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováАнонимно писмоvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováЗащо те вълнува толковаvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováАз съм каквато съмvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Marie RottrováЯвно тази година няма никъде цветяvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Carola (Sweden)Понесена от буреносен вятърvideo İsveççe → Bulgarcaİsveççe → Bulgarca
Helena VondráčkováЧервената рекаvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Helena VondráčkováРисувана стомничкеvideo Çekçe → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Çekçe → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Helena VondráčkováДълга нощvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováНе ме е страхvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Helena VondráčkováЛюбов моя, аз страдамvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováЧешмичке сребърнаvideo Çekçe → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Çekçe → Bulgarca
1 teşekkür aldı
Elena SirakovaΤόσο κρύοςvideo Bulgarca → YunancaBulgarca → Yunanca
Hana ZagorováРазговор в тишинатаvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Hana ZagorováБлуждаещото огънче Юлиеvideo Çekçe → BulgarcaÇekçe → Bulgarca
Randy CrawfordТайна комбинацияvideo İngilizce → Bulgarcaİngilizce → Bulgarca
Randy CrawfordТи донасяш слънцетоvideo İngilizce → Bulgarcaİngilizce → Bulgarca
Randy CrawfordДъждовна нощ в Джорджияvideo İngilizce → Bulgarcaİngilizce → Bulgarca
Alla PugachovaСънувам теvideo Rusça → BulgarcaRusça → Bulgarca
Lili IvanovaSussurrovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaSolitudinevideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaSemplicemente destinovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaChe cosa seivideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaLa sonate au clair de lunevideo Bulgarca → FransızcaBulgarca → Fransızca
Lili IvanovaNaŭ cirklojvideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Mayya YordanovaTenerezza e malinconiavideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaMaro de la junecovideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Lili IvanovaMiracolovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaMiraklovideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Lili IvanovaNia somerovideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Lili IvanovaInter la muroj de la ventovideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Lili IvanovaTra le pareti del ventovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaYour Handsvideo Bulgarca → İngilizceBulgarca → İngilizce
Lili IvanovaPřišel jsivideo Bulgarca → Çekçe
1 teşekkür aldı
Bulgarca → Çekçe
1 teşekkür aldı
Lili IvanovaSei venutovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaVi venisvideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Lili IvanovaLe tue manivideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
TEPossovideo Bulgarca → İtalyanca
1 teşekkür aldı
Bulgarca → İtalyanca
1 teşekkür aldı
Lili IvanovaTi vogliovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaMi volas vinvideo Bulgarca → Esperanto
1 teşekkür aldı
Bulgarca → Esperanto
1 teşekkür aldı
TEĈi-vesperevideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
TEMi povasvideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
TEAre There Any Flowersvideo Bulgarca → İngilizceBulgarca → İngilizce
TEĈu estas florojvideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Lili IvanovaNu e nimenivideo Bulgarca → Rumence
1 teşekkür aldı
Bulgarca → Rumence
1 teşekkür aldı
Elena SirakovaSi froidvideo Bulgarca → FransızcaBulgarca → Fransızca
Elena SirakovaSo Coldvideo Bulgarca → İngilizceBulgarca → İngilizce
Elena SirakovaTiel malvarmavideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto
Elena SirakovaAtât de recevideo Bulgarca → RumenceBulgarca → Rumence
Elena SirakovaCosì freddovideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaLacrimavideo Bulgarca → İtalyanca
1 teşekkür aldı
Bulgarca → İtalyanca
1 teşekkür aldı
Lili IvanovaSpettacolovideo Bulgarca → İtalyanca
1 teşekkür aldı
Bulgarca → İtalyanca
1 teşekkür aldı
ShakatakНощни птициvideo İngilizce → Bulgarcaİngilizce → Bulgarca
Lili IvanovaГоспожица Тъгаvideo Almanca → Bulgarca Almanca → Bulgarca
Lili IvanovaIncredibilevideo Bulgarca → İtalyancaBulgarca → İtalyanca
Lili IvanovaNekredeblevideo Bulgarca → EsperantoBulgarca → Esperanto