Modà - Tutto non é niente (İngilizce translation)

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Everything Is (Worthy) Not Nothing

Sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to show you, even if I'm wrong, that if I write I'll have more courage to speak,
to show you that even when we're together and I'm quiet, I can feel everything ..
and I wonder, without ever fully understand, what are you feeling ..
And you confuse me and I'll be satisfied with making love with your skin, with a hug of yours,
with a simple hand in hand, walking step by step
even if I suffer ... and even if I'm wrong ..
I'm not a saint and I told you. I didn't conceal that, since the first day I met you
and I've revealed to you that I'm crazy ..
but I'm ready to demonstrate to you that there's more
and I'd love I could give you all the best that I carry within me and delete the rest
but you're cold and you defend yourself and you surround yourself with barriers ..
I'll perhaps be trivial, but I'm sure that being friends, it couldn't work
when you feel such strong an attraction that you can think no more of anything else
but of how much special you are and of how you make me feel as soon as I see you're well
even in a village with no houses and no roads
with you by my side I could renounce everything ..
Since everything, without you beside, is nothing...
Please say something even if it could hurt
ask me to disappear even, to forget, not to return,
to pretend you're not special
but turn me away, please, if you think then, that in any way it couldn't work between us,
no, between the two of us it couldn't work, between the two of us it couldn't work...
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Strange title: as a matter of facts the last line in strophe 3rd says "everything IS nothing without you"; anyway it looks correct and, by the way, such an expression couldn't have had a lot of similar ones (throughout the web); but it reminds to me the title of an album by Shut Up And Dance "[link] Death Is Not The End"; and of course, this title is common for example also to Bob Dylan, Nick Cave (... and some billion others).

- otherwise, that's just because of our very bad habit of making "double-negations" so that "tutto non è niente" ("everything is not nothing") should instead be intended as "tutto non vale niente" ("everything is worthy of nothing"): in my hopinion, Grammars simply provide the standard rules for a good communication and you can also make creative experiments with that (think about Joice's Ulisse), so, why not, you could even change the shape of your national language; but if your words can be misunderstood as in this example, that is not a poetic licence, it's just a syntax error!


Tutto non é niente

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