Biagio Antonacci - Ubbidirò (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

I'll obey

I like love
I write about it, I paint it
My infinite instinct
Makes my heart fly
I love it
I'm addicted to it
The feeling is a voice
That sings even at night
It's the nectar of life
It makes me sweat
I can't help it
I'm addicted to it
I'll be obedient, I'll be obedient to love
(I'll be obedient, I'll be obedient only to love)
I will reply, I will reply to the pain (I will reply, I will reply only to the pain)
Guè Pequeno:
I'm dreaming all night long
The feet on the road are like ships without wheels
One day you cry, one day you laugh
One day you die, one day you live
One day you lose, one day you pretend it to be like any other day
The fears, the prayers, we look towards the future
Even though we remain here, where peace and love
Are only two words
Jake La Furia:
I'm a guy like many others
I just have more enemies and more lovers
It's the cross of the singers
I'm a slave of love
A slave of feelings
But free
Because I hate all the other masters
And I'm exchanging thoughts
I'm exchanging desires, man
Today is the way it is, because today is already yesterday
Now on, then off
It's not about the judgement, it's about the feeling
And I feel it
It's an inner war
Guè Pequeno:
Love is killing me slowly
It turns me into its slave
Now we're traveling even though we're standing still
And you can feel me even from miles away
Jake La Furia:
It seems that I have a heart of steel
In spite everything
But inwardly I'm just the opposite
A guy like many others, man
This is who I am
With troubles
Anger, forgiveness
Always obey
The true, intact love
And its ways of sentencing
But there is an irreverence
It's a journey, always open
But, you can not reach it by yourself
You can not reach it by yourself
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