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A Monster Under My Bed

She freezes blood, she interrupts leaps
She tightens her ass, her teeth chatter
She wets underwear, she makes your hair turn white
She quickly opens the door
Fear paralyzes us and makes us fall alseep
Fear even follows you beyond death
We all have a monster in our life,
Well hidden under our bed
The fear of clows which make you cry
Of seeing a bear, even a stuffed one
Of losing your mother in a shopping center
Of losing your father two weeks out of three
There's a dog barking at the end of its leash
Is there someone hiding in the closet?
After midnight, there isn't any noise anymore
The fear is great, when you are small
Then comes the bug phobia
Scared shitless of loving or of coming too early
Of losing face, of losing your hair
Of losing my place if I don't do better
What is the parachute didn't open?
What if the phone didn't ring?
With every two steps I take, I feel like someone's following me
Fear gets bigger when you grow older
I put on my lil' helmet
My sunscreen
I make sure to lock the door
I let some light in
I take some RRSPs1
I say my prayers
Afraid of being afraid, over-anxious
Over-insured, over-protected
Double-locked in my apartment
Double-tied in my shoes
The fear of leaving without warning
Without a trace, without seeing it coming
Of losing your wife or your sanity
Of being abandoned for Christmas
Beer belly or cancer
What is it that will lead you to the cemetery?
Is there really somethig after all of this?
When you grow older, fear comes back to life
But anyway, we gotta get used to it
Monster rarely come out
Of their lair
Except for when they come, what a coincidence,
To spoon us on our deathbed
crimson_anticscrimson_antics tarafından Perş, 17/01/2013 - 22:39 tarihinde eklendi

Un monstre sous mon lit

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