Uno (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation


One searches full of expectations
The path that the dreams
Had promised by your yearnings,
Knows that the struggle is cruel and it's a lot
But one fights and bleeds
For the faith that insists on it...
One, dragging himself amongst thorns
And in his eagerness to give you his love
Suffers and destroys himself until realizing
That one has been left without a heart...
The price of punishment that one gives
For a kiss that never comes
Or a love that was untrue to him...
Empty now from loving and crying
So much betrayal...
If I had the heart,
The heart that I gave,
If I could as in the past
Love without expectation...
It is possible that your eyes,
That scream their affection to me,
I will close with my kisses.
Without thinking that they were like those
Other eyes, the wicked ones,
The ones that wrecked my existence...
If I had the heart,
The same one that I lost,
If I'd forget the one who yesterday
Destroyed it and I could love you...
I would embrace your illusion
to mourn your love...
But God brought you to my destiny
Without thinking that it is too late now
And I wouldn't know how to love you...
Let me weep like the one
Who suffers in life the torture
Of mourning his own death...
Pure as you are, you would have salvaged
My hope with your love
One is so alone in his pain...
One is so blind in his punishment...
But a cruel cold that is worse than hate,
Impasse of the souls,
Horrid tomb of my love,
Cursed forever and it has robbed me of
All illusion...
If I'd forget that yesterday
You destroyed it and I could love you ...
I would embrace your illusion
To mourn your love ...
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