Vuorien taa (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Behind the mountains

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Are your shoes walking when your feet are stopping,
Towards a cold village where the freedom takes over?
Ghost cries are echoing in ears, asking to follow.
Are you brave enough to wander the mountains?
I know, you have secretly looked at the way to the top,
Yearned for the insincere salt of lust.
You have stared at the dark spot of a worn out map,
And heard the singing of virgin in your dreams.
Behind the mountains
You will begin your journey,
Behind the steps
A dark ground will leave by.
Bare footed virgins are stepping in their lawns.
The wind is grabbing and throwing the sparkling hems.
Guile is hidden beneath the beauty.
Hear how the sisters of sin are singing in the choir.
Behind the mountains(you will start)
You will start your journey,
Behind the steps( a dark ground will leave by)
A dark ground will leave by.
Don't you recognize the fortune hunters like you?
A traitor will never get rid of the fear.
I know how easy it is to open a mind.
I know how you can mesmerize the souls with singing.
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Vuorien taa

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