Wieża melancholii (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Tower of Melancholy

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You still ask what's new with me or
Has something changed over here, I think not
Today I wanted to change the world again
But either way nothing worked out
A sad face, is that already me?
Is that the only one that you know?
Either way I won't change after all
Though, I honestly wouldn't know how even if I wanted to
Just a flick and I'm gone
Sometimes I really want that
To leave you all behind
I’m searching for something this whole time
Which will stop me
Everything shakes, and I'm bothered by laughter
It’s better that you go now, leave me alone
Nothing it's nothing, you know well, it'll pass
Only rain will wash the dirty snow from the windows
Just a flick and I'm gone
Sometimes that's all I want
And no longer strive
I’m sitting alone in this tower with no floor
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Wieża melancholii

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