A witch hunt

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Meanings of "A witch hunt"


To be out on a mission to find 'perceived' wrong-doers. This perception may be real or imaginary. An attempt to find and punish those who have opinions/beliefs that are thought to be dangerous.

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"A witch hunt" in lyrics

Bring Me the Horizon - Hospital For Souls

The days are a death wish
A witch hunt for an exit
I am powerless...

The Cure - A Night Like This

I'm coming to find you if it takes me all night
A witch hunt for another girl
For always and ever is always for you

Fabrizio De André - Rimini

During the Revolution
Or in the Arbor of New York
In a witch hunt
Or maybe he was lost nowhere

Iggy Azalea - Survive The Summer

Get the fuck up out my way and shit, give 'em hell 365
You would think I'm 'bout to bake a bitch, summer's over, it's a cold front
Tryna stop me is a witch hunt, lemme' drop a lil' wisdom
Crack kills, you a victim, you a victim, you a victim

Karel Fialka - Hey Matthew

Will you walk like a lion in the danger zone?
Will you pass unnoticed in the great unknown?
When you see the press out on a witch hunt.
When you see a political publicity stunt.

Bushido - Final Enemy

I'm a highlander
State enemy nr 1 and the BND is searching for me via tracking device
Lately my life is running like a witch hunt
But I'll stay the enemy image till judgment day

Lumen - March consonants

When the earth is burning around,
The crowd roars in the squares.
And in the midst of a witch hunt,
Someone will have to walk to the pillar.

Unheilig - Witch Hunt

because at some point, others will follow your lead
out of discontent and turning a blind eye to their own⁵
faults; if you create propaganda, even if it’s not true, you know very well that this will start a witch hunt.

Misfits - Witch Hunt

We're on a head hunt
We're on a blood hunt
We're on a witch hunt
And we're gonna get you

Piledriver - Witch Hunt

for her it's just an endless fight

Witch hunt, I'm going on a witch hunt (x∞)