Ya 3adhely Bellah (يا عاذلي بالله) (İngilizce translation)


Ya 3adhely Bellah (يا عاذلي بالله)

يا عاذلي بالله
يا عاذلي بالله دعني نزد عشقا
اذا نتب لله
عشقي لمن يبقى
يا ذا الذي يدري بلابل الأشواق
هذا الهوى عذري
تصبوا له العشاق
قد لذ لي سكري به على الاطلاق
الحب ما ننساه
ومن يلم يشقى
اذا نتب لله
عشقي لمن يبقى
أنت تزد معنى
و أنا نزد عشقا
نعشق ونتمنى على تلك الرقة
في محبتك أفنى
ومن يلم يشقى
يشقى و يتعذب
دايم نحيل أصفر
قل لي أش هو عملي
يا نجمة الغرة
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İngilizce translation

Oh, my Blamer, By God

Oh, my blamer, by God
Oh, my blamer, by God, let my affection grow
If I repent to God,
to whom would I leave my love
Oh you who are aware of the nightingales of passion
This love is my excuse
It melts lovers in its infatuation
I am drunk on it and it is completely sweet to me
One cannot forget love
And he who blames suffers.
If I repent to God,
to whom would I leave my love
You grow in meaning
While I grow in passion
One seeks and wishes for such tenderness,
to perish in your love.
And he who blames suffers
He suffers in torture,
always emaciated and pale1
Tell me what can I do,
Oh you star at the beginning of the month
  • 1. The word here is actually yellow. In Arabic if you ask someone 'why is your face yellow/yellowish?' you're implying they are unhealthy as in, 'why are you so pale? are you okay?"
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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