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Текст пісні Unholy

  • Виконавець: Aeons of Corruption
  • Альбом: Unholy (2016)


This world will burn
Right in my hands
As the gates of hell are opened up
I can't find any compassion inside me
Bow down before your new ruler
Your monuments will fall as the ground is shaking
And your leaders will abscond when their subservient are
Controlled by violence
The winds of chaos sweeping across your chattels
Every bloom begins to wither
During the darkness swallows the sun
Pained screams reverberate through shattered streets
The sky is burning an embers rain upon your flesh
Our bloodthirst will never stop
This world will burn
And your worthless existence is melting right in my Hands
You will recreate my kingdom
And pain is your continuous companion
My only mercy will be your death
As you lay on the ground helplessly exposed
To my never ending wrath
I can't find any compassion inside me
Bow down before your new ruler
Feel my hate
As the flames fade away the extend of your suffering becomes observable
Mass eradication
And when the earth settles down all of your achievements will me
I will rise
From mankind's demise
And you will be paralyzed
When you see my allegiance
Of death desolating everything you love
Розміщено LithiumLithium, 2022-09-13


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