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Nineteenth studio album Released: 24 March 2003 Recorded: 2001–2003 Genre: Pop, dance-pop Length: 53:23 Label Columbia, Epic
Eighteenth studio album Released: 25 March 2002 Recorded: 28 August 2001 – 31 January 2002 Genre: Pop Length: 72:14 Label Columbia, Epic
Twelfth studio album Released: 9 November 1993 Recorded: 1993 Genre: Pop Length: 65:39 Label Columbia
The Lion King is a 1994 American animated musical coming-of-age drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is inspired by William Shakespeare's stage play Hamlet with some elements from the Biblical stories of Joseph and Moses. (Wikipedia) 《라이온 ...
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A list of Korean numbers from "The Lion King (Musical)". 《라이온 킹》뮤지컬판 곡 목록입니다.
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A list of Korean soundtracks from "The Lion King (2019)". 《라이온 킹(2019)》 한국어판 사운드트랙 모음입니다.
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A list of Korean soundtracks from "Lion King"(1994) 《라이온 킹(1994)》의 한국어판 사운드트랙 모음입니다.
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Collection of wedding songs from the balkans
Sixth studio album Released: 22 August 1984 Recorded: 1984 Genre: Pop Length: 37:23 Label TBS
Seventh studio album Released: 27 August 1985 Recorded: 1984–1985 Genre: Pop Length: 33:23 Label TBS
All songs from the finnish version of moana (aka vaiana in some countries for some reason)
All songs from the danish version of moana (aka vaiana)
Fun fact (believe me or not): this is the first and only disney movie dubbed to hawaiian!
A collection of Russian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Сборник румынских саундтреков из фильма "Желание" (2023). Sbornik Rumeynskikh Soundtrekov iz fil'ma "Zhelaniye" (2023)
The Nuove Proposte was an Italian musical competition where young names of Italy's musical scene competed for a place in the roster of the 2014 edition of the Sanremo Music Festival. In this collection you'll find the lyrics of those who participated in the competition. 60 artists were announced ...
8Don Juan
A collection of Romanian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) O colecție de Coloană Sonoră Românească din „Wish” (2023)
A list of Soundtracks in Maori from "Moana"(2016).
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Sanremo Giovani is an Italian musical competition where young names of Italy's musical scene compete for a place in the roster of the Sanremo Music Festival. In this collection you'll find the lyrics of those who participated in the 2012 edition of this competition. 60 artists (plus 10 which were...
15Don Juan
Mulan is a 1998 American animated musical coming-of-age action-adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures. Based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, the film was directed by Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft and produced by Pam Coats, from a screenplay by Rita Hsiao...
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A list of Cantonese Chinese soundtracks from "Mulan"(1998). 《花木兰》(1998)的粵語版原聲帶。
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A list of Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan) soundtracks from "Mulan"(1998). 《花木蘭》(1998)的中文版原聲帶集(台灣)。 (See this)
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A list of Mandarin Chinese(China) soundtracks from "Mulan"(1998). 《花木兰》(1998)的中文版原声带(中国大陆)。
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The Love Album is Westlife's seventh studio album released in 2006. (All of these songs are covers.)
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A list of Korean soundtracks from "Encanto"(2021). 《엔칸토: 마법의 세계(2021)》의 한국어판 사운드트랙 목록입니다.
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Hayao Miyazaki (宮崎 駿, Miyazaki Hayao, born January 5, 1941) is a Japanese animator, filmmaker, and manga artist. Isao Takahata (高畑 勲, Takahata Isao, October 29, 1935 – April 5, 2018) was a Japanese director, screenwriter and producer.
37Natalia Arlovskaya
A polish 2-CD sampler from Bravo with some great hits that were popular in winter of 2017. https://www.discogs.com/release/12994195-Various-Bravo-Hits-Zima-2017
2e (mais souvent remémoré comme le 1er, car à ce stade, ils avaient vraiment trouvé leur style) album studio de Noir Désir.
11Paul N
Released July 15, 2022
Third studio album Released: 10 March 2014 Recorded: 2012–2014 Genre: Pop, R&B Length: 39:22 Label RCA, Epic
новый альбом про любовь (new album about love) Released: March 1, 2024  
Fourth studio album Released: 7 September 1983 Recorded: 1983 Genre: Pop Length: 33:09 Label Saisons
Twenty-second studio album Released: 18 May 2007 Recorded: December 2006 – February 2007 Genre: Pop Length: 47:52 Label Columbia
Re:Scene is the debut single album by RESCENE. It will released on March 26, 2024.
RESCENE (리센느) is an upcoming five-member girl group under THE MUZE Entertainment. They will make their debut on March 26, 2024 with the single album "Re:Scene". Members: Woni (원이) Liv (리브) Minami (미나미) May (메이) Zena (제나) - Maknae
Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera
Mavka: Forest Song (2023) - Original Ukranian Motion Picture Soundtrack Мавка: Лісова пісня (2023) - Оригінальний Український Саундтрек до фільму Mavka: The Forest Song is the soundtrack album for the 2023 animated musical film, produced by "Animagrad Animation Studio" and released by Film.UA ...
Charlotte Emma Aitchison, known professionally as Charli XCX, is an English singer and songwriter. Born on 2 August 1992, she began posting songs on Myspace in 2008, which led to her discovery by a promoter who invited her to perform at warehouse raves. In 2010, she signed a recording contract ...
Vroom Vroom is the second extended play by Charli XCX. It was released on 26 February 2016. Singles From The Album: "Vroom Vroom" and "After The Afterparty".
Number 1 Angel is the third mixtape by Charli XCX. It was released on 10 March 2017.  
True Romance is the debut studio album by Charli XCX.  It was released on 12 April 2013. Singles From The Album: "Stay Away", "Nuclear Seasons", "You're The One", "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and "What I Like".
Sir. Robert is the third full-length album by BOBBY. It was released on February 28, 2024 with "Harmless" serving as the album's title track.
NOMAD is the self-titled debut EP by NOMAD. It will be released on February 28, 2024 with "No Pressure" and "California Love" serving as the album's double title tracks. Released February 28, 2024  
Saygı Albümü: Bergen is an album by various singers published in memory of Bergen on 8 March 2022 # Title Lyricist Composer Singer Length 1 Aşk Kitabı Ahmet Selçuk İlkan Coşkun Sabah...
A collection of Lithuanian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Lietuviško Garso Takelio rinkinys iš "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Latvian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Latviešu Skaņu Celiņu kolekcija no "Wish" (2023)
NOT OKAY is the third Japanese single by ATEEZ. It was released on February 28, 2024 with "Not Okay" serving as the single's title track. Expected February 28, 2024  
German artists of foreign origin
Quest for Camelot is the soundtrack album for the 1998 animated musical film, produced by 'Warner Bros. Feature Animation' and released by Atlantic Records on May 5, 1998 source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quest_for_Camelot#Music The Official Tracklist 1. "United We Stand" (Steve Perry) - ...
EVERSHINE is the seventh mini album by CRAVITY Released February 26, 2024  
Tap is the second mini album by Taeyong. It will be released on February 26, 2024 with "Tap" serving as the album's title track.
ASTERUM : 134-1 is the second mini album by PLAVE. It will be released on February 26, 2024 with "Way 4 Luv" serving as the album's title track.
ASTERUM : The Shape of Things to Come is the first mini album by PLAVE. It was released on August 24, 2023 with "The 6th Summer" serving as the album's title track.
ASTERUM is the debut single album by PLAVE. It was released on March 12, 2023 with "Wait For You" serving as the single's title track.
PLAVE (플레이브) is a virtual five-member boy group under VLAST. They made their debut on March 12, 2023 with their single album "Asterum". Their name is a combination of the words "Play" and "Rêve" and means that they are creating a new world to achieve their dreams
Face to Face is Westlife's sixth studio album released in 2005.
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A collection of Slovenian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Zbirka Slovenske Zvučna Traka iz "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Serbian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Збирка Cрпске Звучна Tрака из "Wish" (2023)
Hail or as it's pronounced locally (Haayel), is a city located the north of the central region of Saudi Arabia. It is the homeland of the Arabian legend of generosity Haatim Al-Taa’i as he was the Emir of Tai tribe there and died in 605 AD. He was also mentioned in the stories of (One Thousand ...
A collection of Croatian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Zbirka Hrvatske Zvučna Traka iz "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Georgian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) ქართული დუბლირების კრებული "Wish" (2023) Kartuli Dublirebis k'rebuli "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Estonian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Eesti Heliriba Kogumik "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Polish Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Kolekcja Polskiej Ścieżki Dźwiękowej z „Wish” (2023)
A collection of Italian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Una raccolta di Colonna Sonora Italiana da "Wish" (2023)
YARA, the first-ever Grand Winner of PoPinoy, is a four-member P-pop girl group under Sony Music Philippines known for their carefree and graceful spirit, symbolized by their name derived from Arabic meaning 'butterfly'. Comprising Gelou, Rocher, Christa, and Kim, they debuted on March 10, 2023, ...
it all started out just to end is AUDREY NUNA’s second album Released 2024  
Normani Kordei Hamilton (born May 31, 1996), known mononymously as Normani, is an American singer and dancer. She first rose to prominence as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, which became one of the best-selling girl groups of all time. While in Fifth Harmony, she competed in Dancing ...
Normani x Calvin Harris is a joint EP by American singer Normani and Scottish producer Calvin Harris. It was released on October 22, 2018, containing two songs: "Checklist" (featuring Wizkid) and "Slow Down". Released October 22, 2018
Dopamine is the upcoming debut studio album from American singer Normani, due to be released in 2024. Released 2024  
Setlist of ITZY the second world tour “BORN TO BE” in Seoul 1st Day (February 24, 2022). BORN TO BE World Tour is the second worldwide concert tour by South Korean girl group ITZY, in support of their eighth extended play "BORN TO BE". The tour beginning with two shows at the Jamsil Arena, from ...
25ดอกไม้ จริง
Third studio album Released: 2008, Romania Genre: europop Label MediaPro Music, Acasă Music
Empty Paper is the solo debut digital single by WOOSEOK. It was released on February 24, 2024 with "Navy Blue" serving as the single's title track.
WOOSEOK is a South Korean rapper and singer-songwriter under Undefined Entertainment. He is the maknae of the boy group PENTAGON and former one half of the unit Wooseok X Kuanlin. He make his solo debut on February 24, 2024 with the digital single "Empty Paper".
The inspiring. couraging and tribute songs sung by Westlife.
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Turnaround is Westlife's fourth studio album released in 2003.
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A collection of European Portuguese Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Uma coleção da Trilha Sonora do Português Brasileiro de "Wish" (2023)
A collection of European Portuguese Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Uma coleção de Banda Sonora de Português Europeu de "Wish" (2023)
Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits Volume 1 is Westlife's first best compilation album released in 2002. See also: Westlife | Westlife (1999) Westlife | Coast to Coast (2000) Westlife | World of Our Own (2001)
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A collection of Slovak Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Zbierka Slovenského Soundtracku z "Wish" (2023)
Back Home is Westlife's eighth studio album released in 2007.
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A collection of Czech Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Sbírka Českého Soundtracku z "Wish" (2023)
"Jalapeño" was the first digital single by WayV-LUCAS&HENDERY. It was supposed to be released on August 25, 2021 but was postponed and ultimately canceled.
LUCAS is a Chinese-Thai singer and rapper under SM Entertainment. He is a member of the supergroup SuperM and is also a former member of the boy group NCT and its sub-units NCT U and WayV. He was also one-half of WayV's pre-debut subunit duo WayV-LUCAS&HENDERY.
"Coffee Break" is a digital single by Jonah Nilsson and Lucas. It was released on November 29, 2018 as the first release of STATION 3 and 109th release overall.
Shailat is a popular genre of songs in Arabian gulf countries, that focuses mainly on the lyrics, and not much effort put into the music but good beats. Many still do not recognize it as a genre or even an art, so you can find it online but never performed on a stage or official concert. It's more ...
All OSTs of 2023 C-dramas
A collection of Vietnamese Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) Tuyển tập Nhạc phim Việt từ “Wish” (2023)
A collection of Thai Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) รวมเสียงพากย์ไทยจาก "พรที่ดี" (2023)
A collection of Swedish Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) En samling av Svenska Lydspor från "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Norwegian Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) En samling av Norsk Lydspor fra "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Danish Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) En samling af Dansk Lydspor fra "Wish" (2023)
A collection of Korean Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) "Wish" (2023) 의 한국 사운드 트랙 모음
A collection of Japanese Soundtrack from "Wish" (2023) "Wish"(2023)日本語吹き替え集
9MUSES (나인뮤지스; also stylized as NINE MUSES) was a girl group under Star Empire Entertainment. Originally as nine, they debuted on August 12, 2010 with their first single album "Let's Have A Party". They disbanded on February 24, 2019 following their final fan meeting. The final lineup...
MUSES DIARY PART.3 : LOVE CITY is a repackage of 9MUSES's fifth mini album Muses Diary Part.2 : Identity Released August 3, 2017  
MUSES DIARY PART.2 : IDENTITY is the fifth mini album by 9MUSES Released June 19, 2017  
LOST is the fourth mini album by 9MUSES.  It was the last release to feature members Minha, Euaerin and Hyuna, who left the group in June and October 2016 respectively. It was also the last release to feature Sungah, who was on extended hiatus from the ...
9MUSES S/S EDITION is the first special summer album by 9MUSES. The title track is a remake of Swedish singer Nanne Grönvall's song, "Bali", from her 2014 album Drama Queen. Released July 2, 2015
DRAMA is the third mini album by 9MUSES. It is the first release to feature members Sojin and Keumjo after Lee Sem, Eunji and Sera left the group in 2014. Their title track was produced by Jung Chang Uk, the same person who produced "Ping" ...
Prima Donna is the first full-length album by 9MUSES. Released October 14, 2013  
Wild is the second mini album by 9MUSES. Released May 9, 2013  

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