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Текст пісні Back Again 2X’s

  • Виконавець: FBG Cash

Back Again 2X’s

(gang gang since potty trained campaign)
(You know what the fuck goin on)
[ Verse]
They put your muscle in a wheelchair
Therapy can't be working cuz that pussy nigga still here
This the raq and you don't live here
I shot plenty niggas in the raq and pussy boy I'm still here
I don't want to here no "GetBack" the whole world witnessed your main sniper get his shit splat and you ain't even get your lick back
Niggas lying, play with one of mine
Somebody getting gift wrapped
Hold up, I think I hear Pluto talking remember Krump was telling me he couldn't wait to spit in Pluto coffin
Waldo wе don't do the walking think its sweet get did like J-Monеy When Lil B popped out shooting targets I don't really mention dead guys but smoking Tooka get you did like Koopa now you making headlines
Matter fact, fuck all your dead guys
This the city where we show no pity
Pop out late like vampires
I don't want to go to Club O no more
Niggas get left in the door
Gang in this bitch
Bang in this bitch hear (grrrrahh)
Left his brains on the floor
Look at what happened to D'Thang
They know how we came
Wooski got shot be he changed
What happened to Lil Moe?
What happened to Lil Steve?
Sheroid got hit fucking around with BT
So many dead niggas
He getting extorted
So bringing the bread with you
A million dollars cash you paid the guys not to get on yo ass nigga
Run up on me imma blast nigga
I ain't going out like the last nigga
You goofies keep mentioning Wooski
But know not to play with cash nigga (Cash!)
Who made the O?
Shit, I bet my niggas know
It's time to up the score and you might be next to go
Let's get it
Розміщено malucamaluca, 2022-06-24


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