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Текст пісні A Month of Sundays

  • Виконавець: Kilkenny Cats

A Month of Sundays

An adieu
And we wait for hours
The grave was like a flower
And so we wait for one day
It's like a month of Sundays
It's you and I, my friend,
I guess we stumble in
Ooh ooh
With this we know no never
The children would play forever
We laugh at every pleasure
Thus you and I begin
We gave the earth a spin
Ooh ooh
So watch and plant the flower
It comes closer with every hour
It wilts shortly after birth
Thus beauty exists in the earth
So strain and then we hope to linger
But it slowly slips through your fingers
Ooh ooh
Run brother run
Run brother run
Run brother run
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Розміщено Kevin RainbowKevin Rainbow, 2022-08-15


Kilkenny Cats: Топ 3
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