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Текст пісні I'll Follow A Star

  • Виконавець: Norman Wisdom (Norman Joseph Wisdom)
  • Альбом: Follow a Star (1959 film)
  • Переклади: Італійська, Румунська

I'll Follow A Star

When I first saw you
I couldn't ignore you
Your eyes were so starry
And full of that faraway look
I tried not to plan it
Then wondered if
Can it be stealing
Is my heart a crook
But findings is keepings
So I'm holding on
To a love that has taught me
What's right and what's wrong
I'll follow a star
But I'm in heaven already
Now I'm going steady with you
For better or worse
You will be my universe
My life will revolve around you
I'll try to aspire to all the things you require
In the man of your dream
I know I'm not the best suitor
But your zest as a tutor is truly supreme
I'll take my degree
And then I'll study much harder
To prove that my ardor is true
I'll follow a star
If the star that I follow
Is you
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