Al alba (English translation)

English translation

At dawn

If I told you, my love,
that I fear the daybreak,
I don't know which stars those are
that hurt like threats
nor do I know what it is that the moon bleeds
at the edge of its scythe.
I feel that after the night
will come the longest night,
I don't want you to leave me,
my love, at dawn,
at dawn, at dawn.
The children that we didn't have
they hide in the sewers,
they eat the last flowers,
it's as if they foresaw
that the day that's coming
it comes with accumulated hunger.
Thousands of quiet vultures
are opening their wings,
doesn't it shatter you, my love,
this silent dance,
damn dance of the dead ones,
gunpowder of the morning
Submitted by arivlearivle on Fri, 20/06/2014 - 11:39
Author's comments:

It's a song inspired by the last shootings (executions by firing squad) of francoism in Spain.


Al alba

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