Cheater (Farsante)

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I believed you were a good man
I believed you were sincere
I gave you my love
But you ended up being a traitor
You turned me into a rebel
You turned me into your enemy
Because you betrayed me
For no reason, just because
You won't be seeing the pride I have in me
Lying on the ground as if it were trash
I put my name at stake
And I give you my word that
You won't be laughing at me
Because of all that happened up to now
I swear that you will regret
All the wrong you've done to me
You know I won't stop
Until I see you at my feet
You can count on that
Soon you will see, traitor
You will pay dearly for this
I'm a nice person when treated nicely
But when treated wrongly I can be quite mean
You didn't want to be nice to me
And now you see the result
I didn't want to be mean
But you are to blame
And you
Won't be laughing at me anymore
Just on a whim, I'll make you love me
Just wait and see, you will learn
How to properly love God in a land of non-believers
Since you back-stabbed me
I'll make you stop being a cheater
I'll make you beg for forgiveness on your knees
And make you plead for love in front of your lover
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Author's comments:

[1] "Amar a Dios en tierra ajena" is a saying that, as I understand it, makes reference to martyrs who refused to renounce their beliefs and suffered torture and persecution (A believer in a land of non-believers, I think could be an equivalent) but in the song it's used in a way that means something like "Only if your love/faith is real, you will be delivered from evil" that's why I translated it like that but if anyone knows of a better way to translate that, please tell me and I'll change it.

"Farsante" is usually translated as fraud or a phony person but because of the last line I translated it as cheater.

Any other corrections and suggestions are welcomed.

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Yo creía que eras bueno
Yo creí que eras sincero
yo te dí mi cariño
resultaste traicionero
Tú me hiciste rebelde
tú me hiciste tu enemiga
Porque me traicionaste


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lpenguin     March 5th, 2014

Very good and accurate translation!