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流氷 (Ryūhyō) (English translation)

  • Artist: BBHF
  • Song: 流氷 (Ryūhyō) Album: BBHF 1 - Young Man Goes South


氷の上にいる 安物の アイスキャンディー
急速に消える それは興味 僕らへの興味
節くれた木々に 押し潰されて
利己的な愛情 押し付けられて
もう教え込まれた クソ我慢も 限界なんだ
手に触れて 手に触れて 手に触れて
気が触れる 寸前の一瞬 僕らの目はお互いをみる
ひとりで頭を抱えないで お互いをみて
僕らをみて 僕に触れて 僕らをみて君に触れて
観測し続けていて 目を開け続けていて
僕をみて 僕らをみて 着地させてくれ
一度きりのタッチ 使わないアプリを
まとめて消し去る それは快楽 捨て去ることへの
君が消える 寸前の一瞬 僕らの目は光をみる
それでもあなたは壊れないで 俺の目をみて
そうだよみて 君に触れて 僕らをみて君に触れて
観測し続けていて 目を開け続けていて
僕をみて 僕らをみて 俺にさせてくれ
氷の上にいる それは興味 僕らへの興味
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Ice Floe

The cheap ice candy on top of the ice
which disappeared quickly, was interest, interest in us
Crushed by knotty trees
Being forced by selfish love
My well grounded damn patience has already reached its limits
Feel it with hands, feel it with hands, feel it with hands
Our eyes meet the moment before we lost our minds
Don't be stressed alone, look at one another
Look at us, feel me, look at us and feel yourself
Keep observing, keep your eyes open
Look at me, look at us, let me be grounded
Let me stay here
Apps that I merely touched once and don't use
I deleted them all, that is the pleasure of getting rid of things
We saw the light the moment before you disappeared
Even still, please don't break apart, look at me
That's right look, feel yourself, look at us and feel yourself
Keep observing, keep your eyes open
Look at me, look at us, let me do it
Let me stay with you
On the top of ice was interest, interest in us
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Spring Rain

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Author's comments:

I guess the word interest here could also be translated to 'curiosity'.
Couldn't find a better expression for 'to be grounded' as into be emotionally stable
if you have any better expression for the word feel free to leave comments!
Could have translated the title as floating ice too, for no particular reasons I am sticking to drift ice.
【Edit 27/9/2020 : Changing the title from 'drift ice' to 'ice floe' since this is what the band put in their official website】

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