I don't know about you (No se tu)


No se tu

No sé tú
Pero yo no dejo de pensar
Ni un minuto me logro despojar
De tus besos, tus abrazos,
De lo bien que la pasamos la otra vez.
No sé tú
Pero yo quisiera repetir
El cansancio que mi hiciste sentir
Con la noche que me diste
Y el momento que con besos construiste.
No sé tú
Pero yo te he comenzado a extrañar
En mi almohada no te dejo de pensar
Con las gentes, mis amigos,
En las calles, sin testigos.
No sé tú
Pero yo te busco en cada amanecer
Mis deseos no los puedo contener
En las noches cuando duermo
Si de insomnio, yo me enfermo
Me haces falta, mucha falta
No sé tú
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English translation

I don't know about you

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I don't know about you
But I can't stop thinking
Not even for a minute can I get over
Your kisses, your hugs
Of the good times we had the other time.
I don't know about you
But I would like to repeat
The tiredness that you made me feel
With the night that you gave me
And the moment you created with kisses
I don't know about you
But I've started missing you
On my pillow I can't stop thinking of you
With people, my friends
In the streets, without witnesses
I don't know about you
I look for you every time I awaken
I can't control my feelings
In nights when I sleep
I have insomnia, I get sick
I have a need of you, a big need
I don't know about you
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I decided to do this after seeing some bad translations. Mine's not perfect, but it's good.