soch (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Soch (Think)

I love you more than love itself
I bow in front of you a lac times
If you call day as night beloved
I will trust you and consider it night
I have left the world for you
I have sent my close ones away for you
The extent to which i love you
You can not imagine
I can live without breathing
But i can't live even a moment without you
The extent to which i love you you can not imagine
Your face is in my eyes everytime
When i glance you my all grief is destroyed this is the effect of your glance i feel neither hungry nor thirsty.2×
I get no dreams without you
I have shrugged away my dreams
The extent to which i love you you can not imagine
I have given you all the rights over my life
I didn't even glance at strangers
I will dance even on glass
Don't doubt my faithfulness
Just to get you
I have bored many wounds
The feelings i have for you
Are more pure than gold or silver
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Enjoy the lyrics, "cheers"



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