Era gia tutto previsto (Era già tutto previsto)

English translation

Era gia tutto previsto

Everything was already forseen
since you when you were dancing
(you) have kissed me secretly
meanwhile him that wasn't looking
he was saying to his friends
of the things you know to talk about
of the things you know to do
in the moments of making love
when I was holding you
and you were whispering "i don't love him,i don't love him"
everything was already forseen
till the point I knew
that today you would have said to me
those things you say to me
that we are not happy anymore
that I am very good
that you want a man
that knows how to satisfy you
that only giving is not enough for you
but you would like to have in love also
but which love
Everything was already forseen
even the man that you would choose
and the smile that you have for him
when he is taking you away
I forsaw that I would be
alone in my house
and I throw myself in bed
and hold in my arms your pillow
we didn't know how to forsee
only that now I
would like to die
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Era già tutto previsto

Era già tutto previsto
fin da quando tu ballando
mi hai baciato di nascosto
mentre lui che non guardava
agli amici raccontava
delle cose che sai dire
delle cose che sai fare
nei momenti dell'amore