Y Como Es El

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Y Como Es El

Looking into your eyes, I would swear
that you have something new to tell me
tell me now woman, don't be afraid
perhaps tomorrow will be too late
perhaps tomorrow will be too late

and what's he like; in what place did he fall in love with you?
where is he from?, what does he do with his free time?
ask him, why has he robbed a piece of my life
he's a thief, who has robbed me of everything (2x)

Get ready woman, it's getting late
and take the umbrella in case it rains
he'll be waiting for you to love you
and I shall be jealous of losing you
and wear your coat, that gray dress looks becoming on you
smile, so that he doesn't suspect you've been crying
and leave me, to pack my luggage
forgive me, for asking you another question

de donde es?, a que dedica el tiempo libre?
es un ladron, que me a robado todo (x2)

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Y Como Es El