Ya Es Muy Tarde


Ya Es Muy Tarde

Quisiera nunca haberte conocido
Ni jamas haber probado de tus besos
Quisiera haber nacido en otro siglo
Y asi evitar el dano que me has hecho...

Quisiera repetir ese pasado
Que dejo tantas heridas en mi alma
Para no cometer el mismo error
Y asi evadir cada una de tus trampas

Pero ya es muy tarde
El mal ya esta hecho
Yo he sido en tu vida solo tu deshecho
Que despues que te divierte lo abandonas
Hoy sin remordimientos dices que te deje sola

Y para colmo de mis males
Solamente Dios sabe
Lo mucho que te quiero y lo que te he defendido
La gente me juraba que no me convenias
Que tu no eras buena y yo que no creia

Pues a mi no me importaba
Por que yo me sonaba
Toda mi vida junto a ti
Mientras tu te reias de mi
Ahora me doy cuenta que en ti no hay inocencia
Tienes corazon de piedra pues no te importo hacerme sufrir

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Ya Es Muy Tarde

I wish I had never met you
Or [that I] had ever tasted your kiss
I wish I had been born in another century
So as to avoid the harm you did to me...

I wish I could redo the past all over again
That left so many wounds in my soul
To not make the same mistake
And so as to avoid every one of your traps

But it's too late now
The damage is done
The only thing I've been in your life is a throwaway
That you discard after you're done amusing yourself with it
Today with no regrets you tell me to leave you alone

And on top of all my woes
Only God knows
How much I love you and how much I've defended you
People swore you were not worth my while
That you were no good and I didn't believe them

Because it didn't matter to me
Because I imagined myself
By your side for the rest of my life
But you laughed at me
Now I know there's nothing innocent about you
You have a heart of stone because you didn't care that you made me suffer

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