Kiss me (Bésame)

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Kiss me

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Kiss me without it being the right moment
Without mercy and in silence
Kiss me, stop time
Make this I'm feeling grow
Kiss me, as if the world were ending after that
Kiss me and kiss by kiss turn the sky upside down
Kiss me without a reason
Just because the heart wishes for it
Kiss me
Feel me in the wind,
As I die slowly
Kiss me without a motive
And I will be with you forever
Ooh... oh... Kiss me
Kiss me like this, without holding back
Stay within me, without conditions
Just give me a single reason to
And I will stay (And I will stay)
And I will stay (And I will stay)
Submitted by citruswind on Mon, 15/11/2010 - 13:34
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Bésame y a destiempo
Sin piedad y en silencio
Bésame, frena el tiempo
Haz crecer lo que siento


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phillipj     November 15th, 2010

Thanks much, Citruswind. It's greatly appreciated. Here is Camila with a live version of Bésame.

citruswind     November 15th, 2010

It was nothing! Yes, thank you, I noticed and listened to the video as I was translating the song; I didn't find anything wrong with the lyrics you provided Smile

phillipj     November 18th, 2010

Is the translation of "Bésame, así sin compasión" (Kiss me like this, without showing compassion) correct?
Doesn't "compasión" here mean "pity" -- (Kiss me like this, without pity) ?

citruswind     November 18th, 2010

In this context I'd say the meaning of "sin compasión" is closer to "without holding back" or "without showing compassion".

Lo criticaron sin compasión (They criticized him without holding back/without showing compassion)
In this context I'd get that idea from "sin compasión" but it may also be translated as "They criticized him harshly/severely" and It would convey a very similar idea just using other words, yet I wouldn't use "Kiss me harshly/roughly" for the song because in that case they don't seem like synonyms to me.

I didn't use pity because it'd sound like she's feeling sorry for him to me
"Kiss me like this, without feeling sorry" is not exactly what he's trying to say but I don't know if "pity" could also be interpreted like regret or shame maybe?

Also I had always thought that the expressions "To take pity on" and "To show compassion for" may be interchangeable in certain contexts??

Please let me know your point of view, meanwhile I'll change it to without holding back.

phillipj     November 19th, 2010

Pity can be a synonym for compassion, but it also carries with it the negative sense of being judged or looked down upon--a common refrain is, "I don't want your pity." (But we would never say, I don't want your compassion.)

To "kiss me without showing compassion" would be like two enemies being forced to kiss. It would be a kiss without caring, without emotion. It would not be pleasant.

"Kiss me without pity" means to kiss me as an equal, so that I am not being judged, looked down upon, or felt sorry for.

I like "without holding back." That means to kiss without reservation, no holds oneself totally to the other person. (I like those kind of kisses. Laughing out loud )

Thanks for the exchange. If nothing else you now know that people are reading your translations carefully as we seek to enter into a language not our own.

citruswind     November 18th, 2010

I see!

No, thank YOU. I rarely get the chance to discuss things like these but I love it just as much as I love learning new ways of interpreting words and phrases. I never thought without showing compassion sounded like they were enemies which certainly was not the idea.

Thanks Smile

McSpanish013     November 18th, 2010

guess i lost out on translating this one. Sad oh well. i was too slow.

nice translation by the way. i love this song.

anyone else want any camila translations??

bill.levine.33     May 15th, 2013

así sin compasión
could be : without mercy

Maybe this has more impact...