Filipino Children Songs - Dungdungwen kanto (English translation)


Dungdungwen kanto

Dungdungwen kanto unay unay,
Indayonen kanto iti sinamay
Tultuloden kanto't naalumanay
Pagammuanen inka mailibay
Annay, pusok, annay annay
Nasaem, naut-ut la unay.
Itdem kaniak ta pannaranay
Ta kaasiak a maidasay.
Apaman nga inkanto makaturog
Iyabbongkonto ta rupam daytoy paniok.
Tapnon dinakanto kagaten ti lamok
Ken maimasmonto't maturog.
Apaman nga inkanto makariing
Dagdagusen kanto a sappuyoten
Nga ililili kas maysa nga ubing
Ta nanamem sam-it ni issem.
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English translation

I will love you

I will love and cherish you always
I will cradle you to sleep in a soft-cloth swing
I will swing you ever so gently
And soon enough you will be asleep.
O, my aching heart, it aches, it aches,
It hurts so badly, it hurts to the core.
So, please, please your nurture give,
For it would be a pity if I should die.
As soon as you have fallen asleep
I will cover your face with my handkerchief,
So no mosquitoes can bite you
And so you can enjoy a good slumber.
As soon as you awaken,
I will immediately hold you
And dandle you like an infant
So you can enjoy my sweet smile.
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