Gemstone (Gema)



Tú, como piedra preciosa
Como divina joya, valiosa de verdad
Si tus ojos no me mienten
Si tus labios no me engañan
Tu belleza es sin igual

Tuve una vez la ilusión de tener un amor
Que me hiciera valer
Luego que te vi, mujer
Yo te pude querer con toditita mi alma

Eres la gema que dios convirtiera en mujer
Para bien de mi vida
Por eso quise cantar y gritar que te quiero
Mujer consentida
Por eso elevo mi voz bendiciendo tu nombre
Y pidiéndote amor

Que me hiciera valer...

Con toditita el alma...


Submitted by jvj on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 20:11
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English translation


You are like a precious gemstone
Like a divine jewel, really valuable
If your eyes don't lie to me
If your lips don't deceive me
Then your beauty is unrivalled

I once had the illusion of having a lover
That would make me worth something
After I saw you, woman
I could love you with all my soul

You are a gemstone that God turned into a woman
For the sake of my life
That's why I want to sing and yell that I love you
Precious woman
That's why I raise my voice, blessing your name
And asking you for love

That would make me worth something...

With all my soul...


Submitted by citruswind on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 20:53
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