I Haven't Changed (Je n'ai pas change)

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I Haven't Changed

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I haven't changed
I am still that strange young man
who was singing love songs to you
who was inventing sundays for you
who was making you travel...
I haven't changed
I am still that guy a little bit mad
who used to tell you about America
but he wasn't rich enough
to take you to Corfu (Greek Island)

(Refrain) / (Chorus)

And you haven't changed either
still the same light perfume
still the same little smile
who said so much without actually saying a thing.
No, you haven't changed either
I wanted to protect you
to look after you, to belong to you
I wanted to come back to you.
I haven't changed
I am still the novice street artist
who was writing you poems
that started with "I love you"
and ended with "tomorrow".
I haven't changed
I am still choosing the road I please
Only one road on Earth
has succeeded to make me like it,
the one we were following together...

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Je n'ai pas change

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