Emilie-Claire Barlow - Les yeux ouverts (English translation)

English translation

Eyes wide open

This memory, I'm giving it back to you
Memories, I have so many of them, you know.
Since we dreamt of wandering days1,
no need to change anything much...
This memory, I'm taking it from you.
Memories like that, I collect them all the time.
If life mistakenly drives us apart,
I'll pull it out of my drawer.
I'm dreaming with eyes wide open,
that does me good.
There is nothing more to it.
I don't dig into it
since it's rather pleasant.
I can't wait for tomorrow.
A last glass of sherry.
Some sherry2, my lover, when I get bored.
All days look the same now.
I miss you so frightfully...
  • 1. that sounds a bit unusual in French too
  • 2. sounds like "chéri" (darling)
Do whatever you want with my translations. I'm not rich enough to sue you anyway.
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Les yeux ouverts