Enticing Lover (Nazende Sevgilim)

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Enticing Lover

Spring roses have touched my hair
My enticing (1) lover has come to my mind
One beauty is destined for every lover
So you too, my love, have come to my mind (2)
My enticing (1) lover has come to my mind
My eyes are watching the road, my ears listening the sound
I cannot forget you even at my last breath
You, (the one) with the gazelle look (eyes), you, (the one) with the figure like a melody,
My enticing (1) lover has come to my mind
I am on a mountain path without you, in this early time of the morning (3)
Tulips and roses (that are), like orphaned doves,
Have asked (me), "why are you alone?"
You, my love, have come to my mind (2), in this far away land (4),
My enticing (1) lover has come to my mind
(1) "nazende" is very difficult to translate with a single word, it means the combination of enticing, nice, coy, coquettish, flirtatious.
(2) "aklıma düştün" you have popped out of nowhere into my mind
(3) "seher" is a specific time just before the sun rises
(4) "gurbet" is any land, city the person consideres "not his home", where he is a stranger
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Nazende Sevgilim

Değdi saçlarıma bahar gülleri
nazende sevgilim yâdıma düştün
sevenin bahtına bir güzel düşer
sen de tek sevgilim aklıma düştün
nazende sevgilim yâdıma düştün
Gözlerim yoldadır, kulağım seste
ben seni unutmam en son nefeste


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