Te Quiero

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Te Quiero

In the monarchy
my pretty girl
my star
Dj Flex sings to you this song

Ay na, na, na, nai
For the most beautiful girl on the whole planet
Listen up!
Listen, baby

It's just that i love u
Baby I love you uh oh
Since i met u i live so happy
And it's that i love u
Baby i love u uh oh
Desde que te he conocido yo vivo tan feliz

Ah, how i wish to embrace u in this moment
and a thousand songs (i wish to)sing in ur ear
(i wish to) give a lot of roses to ur live
it's just that u made me fall in love with u
it's just that u r the bright star that guides my life
if i don't have u in my song, there's no melody
i need u baby, day and night
without ur inspiration, this poetry wouldnt exist


U, that make me dream
and (make me) reach the stars
Only thinking of u baby

U, that usually fill me
u are me vital air
i dont(can't) breathe without u lady

U can't imagine how much i miss u
when i dont have u near, i'm dying to call u


Yeah, yeah
Nai nai

want u
Ay na, na, na, nai, nai, na
Since i met u, i live so happy
Ah baby
U dont know, how much i love u
my sweet girl

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UserPosted ago
misscuteness8802@aol.com6 years 9 weeks
    May 6th, 2009

i lub dis song ma novio dedicated it 2 me but didnt no wat it ment lolz. so thanx foo da translation