Charmed me [ Saharni Halaha (سحرني حلاها) ]

English translation

Charmed me

Her beauty has charmed me, my heart fell for her instantly
I run after her and try to find a way to reach her
I try calling her Hesa, Monera, Gawaher or Maha*,
in hopes that I will get lucky and one of these names would be hers and she would answer me.
I keep roaming the streets and look in the faces of people, I made people upset
This and that are starting to put up a fight with me and still having no luck at reaching her.
I try calling her Sara, Noura, Amal*
In hopes that I will get lucky and one of these names would be hers and she would answer me and my heart would rest.
Only when I got tired and thought I will not find her.
I heard someone calling Naser, Khaled, Gasem, Abdulallah
She too has been trying many names in hopes she would reach me!
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Author's comments:

Hesa, Monera, Gawaher, Maha-- Arabic female names.

Sara, Noura, Amal-- Arabic female names.

Naser, Khaled, Gasem, Abdulallah-- Arabic male names.

That is a song that is describing a funny love story, he loves her yet he doesn't know her name so has been trying some of the names and at the end of the song we realize that she too was doing the same, calling random names, in hopes that one of these names will be his and they would find each other.

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Saharni Halaha (سحرني حلاها)

سحرني حلاها وقلبي هواها وإبتلآ
اراكض وراها وادور رضاها يا ملآ
أنادي يا حصة منيرة جواهر يا مها
على بالي تضرب ويطلع معايه اسمها


Please help to translate "Saharni Halaha (سحرني حلاها)"
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heftonc     March 9th, 2013

Thanks! Super informative, great translation.

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welcome, I am glad you find it useful! Smile

Sara Ba     November 22nd, 2014

I modified the lyrics if you can please modify the translation accordingly Smile (I added the name Haifa, and the repeated line at the end) You may wanna add the last lines with the names.