There's More Samba (Tem Mais Samba)


Tem Mais Samba

Tem mais samba no encontro que na espera
Tem mais samba a maldade que a ferida
Tem mais samba no porto que na vela
Tem mais samba o perdão que a despedida
Tem mais samba nas mãos do que nos olhos
Tem mais samba no chão do que na lua
Tem mais samba no homem que trabalha
Tem mais samba no som que vem da rua
Tem mais samba no peito de quem chora
Tem mais samba no pranto de quem vê
Que o bom samba não tem lugar nem hora
O coração de fora
Samba sem querer
Vem que passa
Teu sofrer
Se todo mundo sambasse
Seria tão fácil viver
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There's More Samba

There's more samba in the meeting than in the waiting
The wickedness has more samba than the wound
There's more samba in the harbor than in the sail 1
The forgiveness has more samba than the farewell
There's more samba in the hands than in the eyes
There's more samba in the ground than in the moon
There's more samba in the man who works
There's more samba in the sound that comes from the street
There's more samba in the chest of the one who cries
There's more samba in the mourning of the one who sees
That the samba has no place or hour
The heart put out
Dances samba unconsciously
Come, then it will pass
Your suffering
If the whole world danced samba
It would be so easy to live
  • 1. A piece of fabric sewn together and fitted to the spars and rigging of a vessel so as to convert the force of the wind into forward motion of the vessel.
Érika Batista. Copy freely, but give the credit.
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