Killerpilze - Wir (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


You are so close to me and still so far away
You don't have to tell me that there's something wrong
I give you all I can
But you did not realize what that means
A day with you is a day full of happiness
We create dreams for us bit by bit
You know back in the past we walked hand in hand
But that you want to go now makes me mad
I close my eyes and hope you stay here
I can't be alone, there's just a "we"
A part of me dies when I loose you
So I close my eyes and hope you stay here
A lot was sh*t, I agree to that
Nobody forgave me
Nobody, only you
Fighting was normal between us
Really nothing strange and phenomenal
Don't leave me here, not alone in the night
I really thought about it a lot
I can't tell you I'll change myself now
Beside me your space is still occupied
I can't describe what you mean to me
I can only beg you to stay with me
You feels so good to me and that you know for sure
Don't give me up, you can trust me
I close my eyes and hope that you stay here
And if you really leave please close the door
Пуснато от Steena в Срд, 05/08/2009 - 07:09
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