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i live red and black i breathe albanian
i see red and black, my blood bleeds albanian
i live here with the ancestors, with tradition and flag/ensign
with the law and with rules, with family and blood
where rock is also sweet, and where the place has a word
where you can hear the gunshot when a son is born (during celebrations)
and where the table is set, the fireplaces heats up
and also where the weakest moral is the sister
my blood drips red and black through my veins
and in every cell the bird with two wings is alive
a blessed place, you find out traditions here
we won't speak hazily, the rock also has value here
old buildings and rocks the mountains are full with gunpowder
the sea and banks with water separated by tears
with nobility and family/clan with the flute and the cifteli
with a big well known name- Albania
i see red and black, i live and die red and black
i breathe red and black i believe red and black
i live where the song is given as a call
like in the battlefield, like a birth and a burial
where the eagle lands, claws its nails and sits on the land
where the word is heavy (what you say matters) you can't just use "ok"
where the lines on your hand tell the same story
where the wrinkles on your forehead speak about hardship
i speak red and black, i pound red and black
i hear red and black, i note red and black
a love that surges, for this family and for this seed
again my heart, "I'm proud to be Albanian"
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