Marco Antonio Solís - Amor en silencio (English translation)

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Love in silence

a new page in my life,
in the incessant night of the humanity
I'm looking through darkness , the light gives me freedom
my cry makes himself heard,
today it's my first wake up to
Everything is big and little
I find there are dreams , I find eyes
that leaves me cold,
I see the world , the beautiful and the cruel
there are words can break my bile
but where there is pain , there is always a seed of love.
Love in silence
it's about living a moment , on time
love in silence,
it's a kiss , love and forgiveness without explaining
just a naked soul can achieve that happiness
Love in silence
it's going in favor of the wind
love in silence
it's the way how God teach us the truth
it's winning love in life
And I learned to be quiet because I think it is better
but my eyes speak in name of love
there are words can bite and hurt without any reason
so the hear says the best and pure.
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Amor en silencio

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