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Cartoon Songs lyrics

Song Title, Album, Language
64 Zoo Lane IntroEnglish
Al-Fatih - هل تخبرني يا أستاذيArabicEnglish
All Grown Up! IntroEnglish
Allegra's Window IntroEnglish
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series OpeningEnglish
Avatar The Last Airbender OpeningEnglish
Barney Theme SongEnglish
Barney's Favorites, Volume 1
Barney: I Love YouEnglish, Spanish
Barney's Greatest Hits: The Early Years
Battle B-Daman IntroEnglish
Being Ian OpeningEnglish
Between the Lions OpeningEnglish
Bibi & Tina Intro (English)English
Bibi & Tina Intro (French)French
Bibi & Tina Intro (German)German
Bibi Blocksberg Intro (English)English
Bibi Blocksberg Intro (German)GermanEnglish
Bing Bong Song (Peppa Pig)EnglishTurkish
Blaster's Universe OpeningEnglish
Braceface OpeningEnglishRomanian
Bugs Bunny (German)German
Camp Lakebottom OpeningEnglishTurkish
Camp Lakebottom Opening (Latin Spanish)SpanishEnglish
Camp Lazlo OpeningEnglishTurkish
Captain Balu und seine tollkühne CrewGerman
Chicks Dig Giant Robots (Megas XLR Theme Song)English
Megas XLR Soundtrack
Chowder OpeningEnglish
Clifford, le grand chien rouge (Générique)French
Clone High OpeningEnglishRomanian
Corduroy opening themeEnglishTurkish
Cow and ChickenEnglish
Cybersix OpeningEnglish
Cybersix Opening (French)FrenchEnglish
Defenders of the EarthEnglishGreek
Denver the Last Dinosaur (theme song)EnglishGreek
Die GlücksbärchisGerman
Disney's Weekenders ThemeEnglish
Disney's Wochenend-Kids ThemeGerman
Dogtanian and the Three MuskehoundsEnglishRomanian
Dragon Booster IntroEnglish
Droopy, Master DetectiveEnglishRomanian
Earthworm Jim OpeningEnglish
Elliot Moose OpeningEnglishTurkish
Esme & Roy OpeningEnglish
Fireman Sam (Turkish)TurkishEnglish
Fireman Sam 1987 Theme songEnglish
Fireman Sam by Maldwyn Pope
Flower StoriesEnglishFrench
Flying Rhino Junior High OpeningEnglish
Foot 2 RueFrench
fulla cartoon song- al watan al-arabeArabicEnglish
George Shrinks OpeningEnglishRomanian
Goofy Goober SongEnglish
Hakuna MatataEnglish
Herr Rossi sucht das GlückGermanEnglish
Hey Arnold! OpeningEnglishRussian
Hier kommt FranklinGermanEnglish
Jacob Two-Two OpeningEnglishRussian
Jane and the Dragon OpeningEnglishSwedish
Johnny test openingEnglishGerman
Juanito Jones Intro (Portuguese)PortugueseEnglish
Juanito Jones Intro EspañolSpanishEnglish
Katutxakur – letra euskarazBasque (Modern, Batua)
Kickers introGermanEnglish
Ko og Kylling (Danish)DanishEnglish
Les Zinzins de l'Espace ("Monster Men")English
Little HippoEnglish
Los picapiedras (tema de apertura)SpanishEnglish
Los picapiedras (tema de cierre)SpanishEnglish
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast OpeningEnglish
Marsupilami (Générique S1)French
Mighty MouseEnglishRomanian
Milo Murphys Lov Intro [Milo Murphy's Law Intro]DanishEnglish
Molly of Denali OpeningEnglish
Mon ami Marsupilami (Générique)French
Monster Buster Club OpeningEnglish
Nel covo dei pirati con Peter Pan SiglaItalianEnglish
Numberjacks Theme SongEnglish
Pål Plutt OpeningSwedishEnglish
Peppa Pig ThemeEnglish
Petit ours brunFrenchEnglish
Petit Potam (Générique)French
Pi'r Ka' Li Robotter [Chicks Dig Giant Robots]Danish
Megas XLR
English #1 #2
Pif et HerculeFrenchEnglish
Pippi Longstocking OpeningEnglish
Pirates Opening ThemeEnglish
Popeye the Sailor ManEnglish
Popeye The Sailor Man Intro Theme
Professor Iris OpeningEnglish
Punky BrewsterEnglish
Quack Pack Intro (English)English
Quack Pack Intro (German)GermanEnglish
Quack Pack Intro (Swedish)Swedish
Ranger Rob OpeningEnglish
Reboot OpeningEnglish
Redwall Opening ThemeEnglish
Retter von Redwall (Deutscher Vorspann)GermanEnglish
Robinson Sucroë (Générique)French
Rolie Polie Olie (Générique)FrenchEnglish
Rolie Polie Olie OpeningEnglish
Rose's Song (Redwall)English
Rougemuraille GénériqueFrench
Ruby Gloom OpeningEnglish
Rusty Rivets OpeningEnglish
Saber RiderEnglishFrench
Seven little monsters openingEnglishRussian
She-Ra og de mægtige prinsesser [She-Ra and the Princesses of Power]DanishEnglish
Spider-Man OST (1967)
Stickin' Around OpeningEnglish
Stoked Opening ThemeEnglish
Storm Hawks OpeningEnglish
TaleSpinEnglishRussian #1 #2
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEnglish
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 OpeningEnglish
The Addams FamilyEnglish
The Adventures of Paddington Bear OpeningEnglish
The Adventures of the Little MermaidEnglishRomanian
The Best Day EverEnglish
The big comfy couch introEnglish
The Care BearsEnglish
The Cleveland Show IntroEnglishGerman
The Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures IntroEnglish
The FlintstonesEnglish
The Flintstones (Closing Theme)English
The FruittiesEnglishRomanian
The JetsonsEnglishDutch
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee OpeningEnglish
The Magic School Bus OpeningEnglish
The MaskEnglish
The Moomins – Nepali opening songNepali
The Moomins – opening song
The RacoonsEnglish
The SnorksEnglish
The Toy Castle OpeningEnglishSpanish
Timon und PumbaaGerman
Timothy goes to school OpeningEnglishTurkish
Tmnt 2012 OpeningEnglish
Tom and Jerry KidsEnglish
Top CatEnglish
Top Wing OpeningEnglish
Totally Spies Opening (Here We Go)EnglishGreek
Typisch Andy!GermanEnglish
Vas-y Oui-OuiFrench
Vi Er Venner (Max og Mule)Danish
Wayside OpeningEnglish
What's with Andy? OpeningEnglish
Where the Truth LiesEnglishSpanish
Wickie und die starken Männer (Intro)GermanEnglish
German (Kölsch)
Wimzie's House OpeningEnglish
Wumpa's World EndingEnglish
Wumpa's World IntroEnglishChinese
Yakkity Yak OpeningEnglish
Yvon of the Yukon OpeningEnglish
Zorro Animated Series IntroEnglish
¡Mucha Lucha! OpeningEnglish, Spanish
Таинственный мир Санта Клауса открывающий (Tainstvennyy mir Santa Klausa otkryvayushchiy)Russian
Хроники Редволла OpeningRussianEnglish
Transliteration #1 #2
Шоу Кливленда вступление (Shou Klivlenda vstuplenie)RussianEnglish
بائعة الكبريت (Ba2e3atol Kebreet)ArabicEnglish
عشرة أغنام في المرعى (Ten Sheep in the Pasture)ArabicEnglish
जंगल जंगल बात चली है (Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai)HindiEnglish
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Phineas and Ferb (OST)artistCartoon
Pinky and the Brain (OST)artistCartoon
Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat (OST)artistCartoon
The Fairly OddParents (OST)artistCartoon
The Looney Tunes Show (OST)artistCartoon
The Loud House (OST)artistCartoon
Thomas & Friends (OST)artistCartoon
What About Mimi? (OST)artistCartoon
Wunschpunsch (OST)artistCartoon
M.A.S.K. (OST)artistCartoon
Ned's Newt (OST)artistCartoon
Tiny Toon Adventures (OST)artistCartoon
Las tres mellizas (OST)artistCartoon
Inspector Gadget (OST)artistCartoon
Madeline (OST)artistCartoon
Babar (OST)artistCartoon
Shimmer and Shine (OST)artistCartoon
Best Ed (OST)artistCartoon
Berenstain Bears (OST)artistCartoon
Growing Up CreepieartistCartoon
The Secret World of Santa Claus (OST)artistCartoon
Little Bill (OST) - Little Bill Openingsong
Jo Minhye - 에헤라디야song
Kooki - 유니미니펫song
Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (OST)artist
Cristina D'Avena - Papyrus e i misteri del Nilo Siglasong
Cristina D'Avena - Neteb, la principessa del Nilo Siglasong
What's New Scooby Doo! (OST)artist
Zak Storm (OST)artist
Cristina D'Avena - Roma, un grande impero Siglasong
Cristina D'Avena - Fantaghirò Siglasong
Cristina D'Avena - Starla e le sette gemme del mistero siglasong
DuckTales [2017] (OST)artist
PJ Masks (OST)artistCartoon
Puppy Dog Pals (OST)artistCartoon
Cartoon Songs transcription requests
Zomoroda Theme Song Indonesian 
Cleveland Show Znělka Czech 
benzina.hamzabenzina.hamza    Thu, 18/09/2014 - 19:09

Do you have Reemy's songs translated? Please, let me know Regular smile

Лазар АлабићЛазар Алабић    Fri, 05/02/2021 - 17:53

Only real artists who are people that have songs need to exist here, and not a thing that shows us songs from many different cartoons. Why did you even add Mr. Bean to be its photo/image/picture if you can also choose any other one, or none? Also, you didn't select its country, maybe it doesn't have one.

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