Kate (English translation)

English translation


I waited for the rain to fall
Memories move me
The time at a stop
On your way to school
You sung your idols' songs
I thought you careless
Your ashen hair
Your soul so soft
That nothing could lull
Look over your shoulder
Kohl around your eyes
You would vanish
Brought up with alcohol
He would never comfort you
Forever lost
You swam the river
Forced to the test
You rise above
So alone, I wait for you
Here, my heart to tear
What have you done with it?
Do you think we look alike
We were to grow old together
In our imperfect world
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Author's comments:

This song is about Charlotte's sister, Kate Barry, who supposedly commited suicide (Charlotte refuses to believe this explanation). In this very moving song she describes the memories she has of their childhood together yet also far from each other.



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RomaintRomaint    Thu, 04/04/2019 - 08:26

Thanks you, I think it's a good translate. Just to say, at the end, it's
"In ou Perfect world
Have a good day.