Los Temerarios - La Mujer Que Soñe (English translation)

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The Woman of My Dreams

I never dreamed I would find a love like this
Falling in love with you wasn't the plan
But all of a sudden the sky lit up
And I felt what my heart had never felt
Hearing your voice, seeing your face, touching your skin
And waking at dawn to explore your body with crazy desire
And making you mine
Has made you my love, you, you my love
Has made you mine
The woman of my dreams
For your sweetness, for your tenderness, I love you
For your experience, for your innocence, I love
For that magic in your gaze, I love you
I won't leave you, I'll take care of you, because I love you
The hottest sun
In the driest desert
Can't compare
With the light of the look in your eyes
I'll never leave you, you'll always be
The woman of my dreams
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La Mujer Que Soñe

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