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La nuit n'en finit plus (English translation)

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The Night Won't Seem To End

When I'm not sleeping
The night drags on
The night won't seem to end
And I wait for something to come
But I don't know who I don't know what
I want to love, I want to live
Despite the emptiness of all this time passed
Of all this wasted time
And of all this lost time
To think that there are so many beings on the earth
Who like me tonight are alone
It's sad to the point of death
What a senseless world
I would like to sleep and not think anymore
I light a cigarette
I have dark ideas in my mind
And the night seems so long, so long, so long
In the distance sometimes I hear the sound of footsteps
Someone coming
But it all fades and then it's silent
The night will then never end
The moon is blue, there are gardens
Lovers who walk on hand in hand
And I am here
Crying without knowing why
Turning like a soul in pain
Yes, alone with myself
Desiring someone that I love
Not this night, this night
That will obviously never end
But I feel so blue
I would like to leave at random
Go far away and as soon as the day arrives
But the night, the night, oh the night won't seem to end
Oh oh oh oh, oh! The night won't seem to end
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La nuit n'en finit plus

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