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Los Bilbilicos (English translation)

  • Artist: Consuelo Luz (Consuelo Luz Arostegui)
  • Song: Los Bilbilicos Album: Dezeo
  • Translations: English, Persian, Turkish

Los Bilbilicos

Los bilbilicos cantan
Con sospiros de amor
Mi neshama mi ventura
Estan en tu poder
La rosa enflorese
En el mes de mai
Mi neshama s'escurese,
Sufriendo del amor
Mas presto ven palomba
Mas presto ven con mi
Mas presto ven querida,
Corre y salvame
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the nightingales

the nightingales sing
with sighs of love
my spirit my luck
theyre in your power
the rose blooms
in the month of may
my spirit feels only darkness
suffering from the love
come faster my dove
come faster with me
come faster dear
run and save me
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