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Music is

music is
to look further and
to get lost in yourself
the light that revives
and that gathers the reflections
high azure plain open up
higher my thoughts range over
and I notice that everything
around me is music
music is
the regular dance
of all your breaths on me
the party of your eyes
you almost smile at me
you and the sound of your lips
you, always more
the harmony attained together
I'll listen to you because
you are music for me
I still hear the voices of
the street where I was born
my mother who called me
so many times but the scream
of liberty was louder
and under the sun that
lights the courtyards
I see the children's dusty runs
that by playing don't make it stop
I still hear singing in dialect
the lullabies of rain on the roof
for me this everything
this sweet appreciation
is music to remember
it's inside me...
it's part of me...
it runs with me...
it's music
music is
your friend who talks to you
when you feel lonely
you can always find a hand
it's music...
to conserve
to save together with you
the more we are, the more a choir
in universal language advances
it says they also made a hole
in the skin of the sky
you can hear it
it's the howl of the stars
mentality might change
in people's heads
that listen but don't hear
before the silence
falls down on everthing
the big silence
after exploded air
because one cannot immagine
a world without music
because every single heart,
even the smallest one,
is a beating of life
and love that is
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Musica è

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