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N. J Respect R (English translation)

  • Artist: Damso
  • Song: N. J Respect R
English translationEnglish

I respect nothing

Ah yeah, Dems
I don't care, I don't care
I respect nothing
[Verse 1]
I don't care about your boyfriend
It's your ass that I want
Me, what were you thinking, don't come crying
No one will love me, not unless they're me
Not enough black in the business
You won't find my file
There's only my crew who knows who I am
Give me your cheek, I really need to wipe myself
Takes an O.G. to know an O.G.
No matter if he's been to school or prison
I still don't like the cops
Because the cops don't like who we are
I come to your wedding in a tracksuit
To truly disrespect you
Because ever since we've known each other
No, you've never phoned me
Well yeah, apart from yesterday when I made it
So you're surprised that I respect nothing
Well yeah, apart from yesterday when I made it
So you're surprised that I respect nothing
Fucker, son of a bitch
No support, I remember
And you, the little whore, you talk to me about your Louboutins
My grammar tells you "go ... yourself"
That doesn't surprise me, because she respects nothing
[Verse 2]
Sons of bitches, I see them every day
Fucking in her ass, she has more than one round in her
People on their backs, for what I've made
They can go fuck themselves in every possible way
I'm good at fucking assholes and tralala
I planned on never changing
After everything, I don't really know where your G spot is
You're getting fucked by whomever wants to put it on you
I'm doing meditation
To forget that it's ever emanated
Stress and trouble
Laughing at my face, because I'm making money
Don't talk about your dreams too much
These cowards' sons, wouldn't want you to achieve them
Will drown you, before you reach the riverbank
Don't like seeing n*** at the top
Damsette is Damsofied (oh yeah)
Pussy is agonizing (oh yeah)
I'll always piss on the Champs-Elysees
I'm in the mood to end up in the Louvre
Because when I open my mouth, I paint with my words
I'm sipping a dozen, in Hainaut
I listen to productions, I write verses
Life is simple, life is beautiful
In the trenches, my music reigns
No one speaks, but everyone flips out
Spit from the mouth, smoke from shit
No more in the confusion, only in the melody
Knowing that Melie is his girlfriend's name
She's put it in her mouth like a marshmallow
Shouldn't act like you're all that hot, Gregorio*, no
Remember that I fucked her
So don't be surprised that I respect nothing
So don't be surprised that I respect nothing
No, don't be surprised that I respect nothing
Yo, the Vie
Submitted by otrim69otrim69 on 2023-02-07
Author's comments:

*Refers to Michael Gregorio, so possibly taunting him that he had sex with his girlfriend.


N. J Respect R

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