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Nier: Automata (OST)
Nier: Automata (OST)
Song Title, Album, Language
A Beautiful SongConstructed Language
Alien ManifestationConstructed Language
Amusement ParkConstructed Language
Ashes of Dreams ~ AratanaruConstructed Language
Ashes Of Dreams ~ NewEnglish
Ashes of Dreams ~ NouveauConstructed Language
Ashes of Dreams ~ NuadhaichConstructed Language
Bipolar NightmareConstructed Language
Birth of a WishConstructed Language
Blissful DeathConstructed Language
Blu-birdConstructed Language
City Ruins (Rays of Light)Constructed Language
Cold steel coffinConstructed Language
Copied CityConstructed Language
Crumbling liesConstructed Language
Dark ColossusConstructed Language
Dependent WeaklingConstructed Language
EmilConstructed Language
Emil's Shop (English)English
NieR: Automata OST
Faltering PrayerConstructed Language
Forest KingdomConstructed Language
Fortress of liesConstructed Language
Gods Bound by RulesConstructed Language
GrandmaConstructed Language
Hills of Radiant WindConstructed Language
KainéConstructed Language
Memories of DustConstructed Language
MourningConstructed Language
PascalConstructed Language
Peaceful SleepConstructed Language
Possessed by DiseaseConstructed Language
ShadowlordConstructed Language
Shadowlord's CastleConstructed Language
Snow in SummerConstructed Language
Song Of The Ancients (Atonement/Devola)Constructed Language
Temple of Drifting SandsConstructed Language
The dark colossus destroys allConstructed Language
The Incomplete StoneConstructed Language
The Sound of the EndConstructed Language
The TowerConstructed Language
The Ultimate WeaponConstructed Language
The Wretched AutomatonsConstructed Language
Vague HopeConstructed Language
Voice of No ReturnConstructed Language
War to warConstructed Language
Weight of the WorldEnglish
Nier Automata - Original Soundtrack
Weight of the World (Chaos Language)Constructed Language
NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack
Wretched WeaponryConstructed Language
壊レタ世界ノ歌 (Kowareta sekai no uta)Japanese
Nier Automata - Original Soundtrack
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