Bugoy Drilon - Paano na Kaya? (English translation)

English translation

Paano na Kaya? (What Should I Do Now)

How did I ever
Get myself in this mess?
I never realized
My feelings for you will change
Since I met you
My world spun around
I can no longer hide
This feeling
*What should I do now?
I didn't mean to
My heart doesn't have to courage to confess
Of all the friends that I have
It had to be you?
What should I do now
I didn't mean to
I don't know why my heart is embarrassed
It's hard to fall for a friend
I can't tell how I feel
What should I do now?
If ever you find out
and you reject it
I don't think I can handle it
That you'll be gone
Even for just a moment
And if by chance
You'll find out
I hope that you'll accept it
**It may not be understood
What should I do now?
Submitted by Zutchen on Wed, 17/03/2010 - 07:27
Author's comments:

'Paano na kaya' literally means 'what to do now'; althou the title of the song means the same, it's just fitting to use 'what should i do now' instead; it's a song about the person falling for his best friend. to listen to the song, copy and paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LgYgfKbNG0

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Paano na Kaya?

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