Juliette Gréco - Paname (English translation)

English translation


they sung every possible tune about you.
There are so many words in your songs
that speak of wat, of what precisely?
As for me, it's your eyes, your skin
I want to kiss real properly,
just like the gigolos know how to.
the sun has put its pyjamas on,
as you light up and in your alluring downtown1
Mister Haussmann2 is hitting on you.
come and love me like in the old times,
especially at night, as we
walked together toward an unknown goal.
some street names are easily forgotten,
and in such streets, after midnight,
you showed me your little Paris.
as you sobbed in your horn blasts,
a girl lost among men,
you came to me like a mere little girl3
tonight I feel like dancing,
dancing with your cobblestones
everyone looks at with their feet.
youre so pretty under the lantern lights,
as you take your seasonal vacations
in the arms of an accordion.
as you dress up with blue,
it makes lovers go out,
saying "in Paris together".
as you dress up with grey,
the tailors have only one concern,
that's to dress up all the chicks4 in grey.
as you get bored you stroll down the quays,
stroll down the Seine and its drowned men.
It brings soe fresh air and that's entertaining.
people talk an afwul lot about you,
yet they don't know who you are.
They live at your place but never actually meet you.
if you could smile, I'd have your charm
If you could cry, I'd have your tears.
If someone hit you, I't take up arms.
You're more than just a thrill to me,
more than an idea, a girl just worth writing songs about,
and that's why I call out your name,
Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris...
  • 1. "bas" can mean "downtown" but also "stockings"
  • 2. an architect responsible for a massive renovation of Paris in the 19th century, notably opening the great boulevards at the cost of demolishing quite a few old houses. "faire du plat"means "hitting on [some girl], but "mettre à plat" evokes razing houses too
  • 3. "la môme" was also the nickname of Edith Piaf
  • 4. lit. "mice"
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