Demet Akalın - Toz Pembe (English translation)

English translation

Light Pink

for you, love was an empty word
it felt down from your tongue and broke
there were light pink* dreams
pink has faded away there only left its light**
The final that has been waiting, has came
door,wall has collapsed
I don't know you but
in my heart
there are lots of deep wounds
the thing that i wanted wasn't too much
only a little bit loyalty
but it's not yours
it's the fault of the one that given you (her) heart
You made troubles to my carefree head
you took part a little time in my life
you knocked my heart's door and ran away
what was that (your attitude) i couldn't understand
Submitted by thechemicalpanicout on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
Author's comments:

*toz=dust, pembe=pink, tozpembe=light pink
**actually; pink has faded away there only left its dust


Toz Pembe

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