Los Bukis - Tus Mentiras (English translation)

English translation

Your lies

I don't know why you were not sincere
You allowed me to love you more
I kept giving my whole heart to you
So that you could find
Love and sympathy in me
When everything was better
I finally saw what was so sad about my luck
I felt like dying when I realised you belonged to him
Today I need you but I have just lost you
You made me felt loved at last
You knew you had me wrapped around your little finger
You disregarded the damage you were causing me
You have left me broken hearted [1]
That was, to me, the saddest day
Because I never expected what you did to me
I believed I had found at last
That long-awaited love
But I was deceived by you as well
Why did it have to be like that, to be your way?
After so much love, after so much everything
Why do you kill me every time you look at me?
Why did you throw my life into an abyss
I never, never hurt you
Like you have hurt me today, with your lies"
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[1] Literally "You have left me with a torn-off chest"


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