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When the night falls
You look far away
The sun which sinks into the ocean
Far away, there is Spain
You look at the clouds
Which are going and slipping away to the North
And there are the waves
Which form and vanish
The wind blows into your eyes
The colors mix
You forget even where you are
You're warm, and you're rethinking
You're thinking of life
Life that flows
And life is cool
The visions and images return to your memory
You look at the blue waves
Which break on the horizon
And you think of those who come and go
Forever a face
Forever an image
All the memories
Return to you
You think of those you love
Of your friends, of your love
Who left for another life
But they live on inside your head
Like a mirage
You still have an image
The night settles and the moon is now on the horizon
At the edge of the ocean
And against all odds
You lift your eyes and you see
A star in line
You tell yourself, you're also on your way
And you will come back here
If one day you go astray
In the depths of life
A wave vanishes
And another forms
Such is life
And the water follows its course
And life..
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