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與浪之間 (yǔ làng zhī jiān) (English translation)

  • Artist: Vast & Hazy
  • Song: 與浪之間 (yǔ làng zhī jiān) Album: 次等秘密
English translationEnglish

Between the Waves

A black madness takes hold of the black you
A white courage is kissing a white heart
For an instant I can't see, I just want to clutch at you
I left, I came back, I just want to hold you
Can't see you, can't see myself
Can't see you, can't see myself
Between the waves, bearing the weight of secrets
The silver light invites me to dance
My blood is expelled, my thoughts are chaos, I keep turning around
Who's calling out to me?
Between the waves tells a story:
Scared people searching for an exit
The farther I walk the darker it is, a flash of dim light, I just see you
I'm still here!
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Submitted by Chance ChapmanChance Chapman on 2020-11-03
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