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I Got Your Love

I don't have a phone with diamonds
In many carats to impress
But I have a good conversation,
To make you fall in love more and more!
I don't have a Private Jet
Which I bought with a Black Card
But I have an old car
With that we will always hang.
I don't have clothes of Versace,
Nor hard muscles to show,
But I have a pair of bare arms
That will embrace you very tight.
I'm not like Mariah Carey
With a jacuzzi full of Evian water,
But I have a hut on the beach
So that you bathe with Sea Water.
Ricky has a cute face,
Enrique Iglesias millions
Aventura mansions
But ...
I have your love
I got your love,
I have your love
I have your love (x2)
Time is worth more than a Rolex
Love more than a striptease.
The friend more than a dollar in my pocket
As the one you've just spend.
Talking is worth more than an iPhone
And more when someone wants to hear
Knowing is better than diploma
As the one you just framed.
The engagement is worth more than ring
No word if there is no heart
Silence is better than a cry
When the cry is not love.
Your look is worth more than gold
Showing you more than a taboo
And though i may have everything, everything
There is never anything if I'm missing you
Chayanne dances pretty well,
Fonsi sings with a Tune
Juanes Latin Grammys
But ...
I have your love
I got your love,
I got your love!
I have your love! (x2)
I'm not the most beautiful
Of People in Spanish
But your eyes tell me
I am the Brad Pitt of your heart, jaa!
Lady Gaga wins on Twitter
And also on the facebook,
Justin Bieber on YouTube
But ...
I have your love
I got your love,
I got your love
I have your love (x4)
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Tengo Tu Love

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